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"A-Z Microscope"
Sales and service of microscope, video, photo, and computer interface attachments

"A-Zoom New Technology Microscopes"

Manification range from 120x to 4000x and a 33mm long working distance

"AAIDES Microscope Service"

Affordable quality microscopes for hobbyists, students and professionals

"Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc."

Manufacturer of fast framing cameras, motion capture systems, and micro-optics

"Bay Optical Instrument"

Manufacturer and design of ergonomic accessories for industrial microscopes. Sales and service of microscopy video, fiber optic illumination, boom stands and microscope bulbs

"BioForce Labs"

We provide atomic force microscopy tips

"Biology Shop, The"

Offers microscopy supplies

"Bunton Instrument Company, Inc."

Dealer of new and used microscopes, 2D/3D video microscopy products, and more. Offers basic and advanced courses in biological microscopy and microscope service and repair


Quality optics; wide range of telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, and optical accessories.

"Control Optics Corporation"

Stock and designed opticals, fiber optics, holographic systems, laser diodes, and related equipment

"Cox Analytical Systems"

Specializes in micro-beam capillary optics technology and related analytical problem solving

"Custom Scientific - Phoenix, AZ"

Suppliers of custom optics, optical filters, and optical coatings for high-performance imaging and spectroscopy

"Diagnostic Instruments, Inc."

Manufacturer of microscope accessories

"Digital Instruments"

Sanning probe microscopy, atomic force microscopes (AFMs), scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs), and more

"Dongwon Precision Co., Ltd."

Manufacturers of microscopes, binoculars, D.R.D cans, and visual presentation projectors

"Dunn Products"

Offers microscopes and microscope accessories, spectrophotometers, electronic balancing equipment and more

"Edmund Scientific"

Manufacturer and supplier of optical components that include lenses, prisms, mirrors, fiber optics, filters, lasers, machine vision, telescopes, microscopes, magnifiers and binoculars

"ElectroImage, Inc."

Distributor of imaging products including digital cameras for microscopy and devices to image electron microscope negatives

"Essex Corporation Home Page"

Provides professional engineering and scientific services to support defense, space and energy programs. ESEX is developing proprietary optoelectronic processors for the commercial market

"FEI Beam Technology Division"

Specialists in field electron and ion technology including Schottky, LaB6, and cebix emitters, lmis and tungsten sources

"Franklin Mechanical Services"

Specializing in microscope stages

"G.W. Brown Company"

Offers microscope sales and service


Microscopes and more for the home and school. Color photos, informative text, & helpful information on purchasing a microscope

"Heptagon Oy"

Offering design and consulting services for diffractive optics

"Hwa Tang Optical Industries Co., Ltd."

Manufacture cameras, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, acrylic rules, and lining testers

"IRC Semiconductors"

Research in the area of optoelectronics and advanced electronic devices for applications in communications, computing and microwave systems


Sales and service of JEOL electron microscopes in Scandinavia and distributes the SemAfore image digitizer for scanning electron microscopes (SEM)

"Keyence UP Digital Microscopes"

Manufacturer and supplier of digital microscopes including built-in monitor for flexible \nobservation, measurement and recording.


Reseller of new, used and refurbished microscopes, lenses, stages, and more

"LaCroix Optical Co."

Manufacturer of precision optical componets to customer specifications, including simple lenses, achromats, windows, wedges, prisms, and mirrors

"Lan Optics International"

Selected collection of the best Russian optics and military attributes, including microscopes, telescopes, night vision goggles, and scopes

"Latigo Optics"

Infrared and optical instrument, flir, microscope, and electro-optical medical device design; contract optical engineering; and marketing services

"Lomo Optics"

Microscopes and accessories from Russia

"Luxel Corporation"

Supplies submicron filters for soft x-ray and EUV research and fabricates ultra-thin foils for use as bandpass filters for laboratory and space research

"M2 Associates"

Offering refurbished metallurgical and stereo zoom microscopes as well as semiconductor manufacturing equipment

"Meade Instruments Corporation Home Page"

Designer and distributor of telescopes and accessories for the beginning to serious amateur astronomers. The Company offers more than 40 different telescope models and more than 250 accesorry products

"Measurement and Inspection Technologies"

Video and laser based measurement solutions as well as optical comparators

"Mel Sobel Microscopes Ltd."

An importer and factory distributor of microscopes. Visit the premier online source of microscopes for virtually any application


Providing repair, maintenance, bulbs, lamps, and more

"Microscope Man"

A new high-tech company specializing in microscope service and sales

"Microscopes by Intek"

High-quality microscopes, accessories, and other scientific tools

"Microscopy Mart"

Tweezers, microwave processors, tem grids, sputtering, digital imaging, vibratome, dissecting, diamond knives, brain matrix, desiccators, razor blades, embedding and more

"Microscopy USA"

Microscope repair, training videos, bulbs, and help line

"Molecular Imaging"

Scanning Probe Microscopes (AFMs & STMs) for special conditions. EC, liquid, environment, and temperature control

"Narang Enterprises"

Manufacturer of student and research microscopes

"National Microscope Exchange"

Buys, services, and sells used microscopes. Also sells new

"Nightingale Sales"

New and refurbished equipment

"Oceanside Photo and Telescope"

Stocks telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, night vision equipment, cameras, and darkroom supplies


A world leader in the development and application of sophisticated optical technology

"Optical Apparatus"

Precision optical instruments for science and industry: microscopes, photomicrography, video microscopy, and more

"Optiscan P/L"

Manufactures confocal laser scanning microscope suitable for all optical microscopes

"Prescott's Inc."

Offers new and re-conditioned surgical microscopes and accessories

"Quality Micro Systems - Charlotte, NC"

QMS is a provider of control instrumentation for industry

"Scalar Scopes"

Provides distributor support for ScaLar Corporation and their digital and video microscopes in the fields of education and industry

"Scanning: The Journal of Scanning Microscopies"

For the rapid exchange of information among all scientists interested in scanning electron, scanning probe, and scanning optical microscopies


Complete line of production and inspection microscopes at very affordable prices. Our top of the line microscopes feature stereo zoom funtion with video setup for under four thousand dollar. Other economy stereo scopes are also available

"Scope City"

Binoculars, telescopes, eyepieces

"Southern Micro Instruments"

Offering service for microscopes, optical comparators, and other video equipment


Supplier of optical and digital imaging products for science, education and industry

"Structure Probe, Inc."

Preparation equipment and consumable supplies for electron and light microscope laboratories. Also, independent laboratory offering electron microscopy services

"Superabraziv Limited"

Our company is engaged in manufacturing of synthetic diamond powder, pastes and Ni coated powder (all resin bond). We have highest quality and very competitive prices. Diamond powder can be manufactured in any grit size and with characteristics you need. It is possible to send you some samples for testing. Our terms of delivery are most attractive.

"Tech Optical Services"

Specializing in service and repair of microscopes and optical measuring equipment. We also sell used microscopes and new light bulbs

"Thin Film Imaging Technologies"

Offers high performance optical filters. Products include bandpass, neutral density, and hot/cold mirrors

"Titan Tool Supply Co. Inc."

Distributer of microscopes, borescopes, diamond and CBN products and hand deburring products

"Vibration Engineering Consultants"

Providing Service to users of SEM and TEM Electron Microscopes and other Systems with Vibration, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF, EMI) or Acoustical disturbance problems


Sensors and diffractive optics

"West L.A. Microscope Co."

Used microscopes and components

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