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"A.W.I. Industries,Inc.-Corona,CA"
distributor of optical products, including spherical lenses, aspheres, lens assemblies, plastic optics, fresnel lenses. Also supplies injection molds and plastic products

"Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc."

Manufacturer of fast framing cameras, motion capture systems, and micro-optics

"Adirondack Video Astronomy"

Offers CCD imaging products and accessories including the ASTROVID and Starlight Xpress CCD Cameras and more

"Advanced Pathology Systems"

Developing three-dimensional digital microscopy systems for histopathological study in biomedical research, industrial toxicology, and medical pathology

"Advanced Photonix Home Page"

Designs and manufactures optoelectronic semiconductor based components, and proprietary and other solid state light and radiation detection devices

"American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association (APOMA)"

Dedicated to promoting and advancing science, technology, and business opportunities for the precision optics industrial base

"Andover Corporation Optical Filters"

Manufacturer of optical filters and coatings, specializing in image quality and ultra-narrowband filters

"Antioch Systems"

Technical design consulting in all areas of optical systems

"Applied Optoelectronics, Inc."

Research, development, and manufacture of opto-electronic devices, and semiconductor integrated circuits

"Barr Associates"

Optical filter technology

"Beijing Goldway Scientific Co. Ltd."

Optical components, synthetic diamond powder and products, and electronic products

"Benchmark Technologies, Inc."

designs and provides lithographic test Reticles for the semiconductor industry. We also provide customized services related to reticle design and manufacture

"Biomedical Photometrics Inc."

new confocal scanning laser Microscope/macroscope for imaging of specimens from 25 x 25 microns to 7.5 x 7.5 cm in size using reflected light and fluorescence

"Boulder Nonlinear Systems"

Spatial light modulators, microdisplays, variable shutters, variable retarders, optical correlators, spectrometers, liquid crystal modulators

"BoXin Optical Instrement Co.,Ltd."

produce BK7 series lens,mirrors,windows, other kind of lens and optical instruments such as microscope etc.

"Breault Research Organization, Inc."

An electro-optical engineering firm that specializes in providing technical assistance to the aerospace and optics industries

"BSC Optics"

Providing consulting services for optical design and testing, and supplying new and used optical components such as mirrors, lenses, mounting hardware, and instruments


Quality optics; wide range of telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, and optical accessories.

"Coastal Optical Systems, Inc. (COSI)"

Designs and builds custom optical assemblies such as projection lenses, telescopes and camera lenses

"Computer Optics Inc."

Manufactures and designs optics for machine vision, zoom lenses and telecentric lenses

"Contour Metrological & Manufacturing, Inc."

Designs and manufactures ultra-precision optical components. Diamond turning, aspheric, non-rotational optic grinding, optical molds

"Control Optics Corporation"

Stock and designed opticals, fiber optics, holographic systems, laser diodes, and related equipment


Manufacturer of optical interference bandpass filters

"Coventor, Inc."

Coventor is the leading provider of MEMS design software and product development services for optical MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems). Applications include variable optical attenuators, tunable lasers, cross connects, optical switches, and tunable filters.

"Cox Analytical Systems"

Specializes in micro-beam capillary optics technology and related analytical problem solving

"Creath Optineering Consulting Services"

Optical engineering, instrument testing & design, interferometry, holographic NDT

"Creator Optics"

Manufacturer of optical glass and crystal components such as lenses, windows, prisms,and so on. In addition, we coustom some particular optical components for OEMs all over the world.


In Florence, Italy

"Custom Scientific - Phoenix, AZ"

Suppliers of custom optics, optical filters, and optical coatings for high-performance imaging and spectroscopy

"CVI Laser Corporation"

Laser optics, coatings, filters, mounts, instruments

"Donnelly Optics Corporation"

Designs, develops and manufactures plastic optical systems for digital imaging, PC peripherals, cameras, automotive lighting, medical equipment, and other applications

"Dunn Products"

Offers microscopes and microscope accessories, spectrophotometers, electronic balancing equipment and more

"Ealing Electro-Optics"

Manufactures and sells optical components, mechanical components and accessories for use in university, industrial and research laboratories

"Earth and Sky Adventure Products"

Discount mail order business for telescopes, binoculars, and accessories for astronomy. Importers of diffraction-limited Maksutovs and Refractors from Russia

"Eastman Kodak Commercial and Government Systems"

Produces mirrors, optical systems, and camera payloads for remote sensing astronomy, space imaging, and optical systems

"Edmund Scientific"

Manufacturer and supplier of optical components that include lenses, prisms, mirrors, fiber optics, filters, lasers, machine vision, telescopes, microscopes, magnifiers and binoculars

"Electro-Optics Technology, Inc."

Specialized in laser manufactored and in optical research

"ElectroImage, Inc."

Distributor of imaging products including digital cameras for microscopy and devices to image electron microscope negatives

"Elliot Scientific Ltd."

Offers products relating to lasers, optics and mounting components, and scientific instruments

"Essex Corporation Home Page"

Provides professional engineering and scientific services to support defense, space and energy programs. ESEX is developing proprietary optoelectronic processors for the commercial market

"etwork performance testing, protocol, debug analysis tools."

IneoQuest provides testing of gigabit optical devices. IneoQuest products provide network performance testing and analysis capabilities.

"EXFO Online"

Electro-optical engineering

"Fabia Engineering"

Developers of a polarizing beam splitter and related liquid crystal technologies and products for monitors and displays

"FEI Beam Technology Division"

Specialists in field electron and ion technology including Schottky, LaB6, and cebix emitters, lmis and tungsten sources

"Fiberoptics Technology, Inc."

Custom manufacturer of glass, plastic, and liquid fiber optics for illumination and sensing. Products for visable and ultra-violet applications

"Fresnel Technolgies, Inc."

Manufacturer of molded plastics, Fresnel lenses, and related optical components

"Gamma Scientific"

Manufacturer of light measurement instruments including spectroradiometers, photometers, colorimeters, radiometers, and flash measurement systems

"Geltech, Inc."

Advanced optical components

"Guernsey Coating Laboratory Inc."

Optical thin film coating, dielectric, metalic, laser mirrors and polarizers

"Heptagon Oy"

Offering design and consulting services for diffractive optics

"Heraeus Amersil"

Suppliers of silica glass and fused quartz products for optics, semiconductor, lamp, and fiber optics industries

"HOBI Labs"

Private marine sciences laboratory specializing in optical oceanography and hydro-optical instrumentation. Conducts oceanographic research in areas of physics and biology

"HSPO Optics - The Optical Option"

Optical engineering firm specialising in optical measurement, testing and calibration; optical systems design; and fabrication of custom optical components and systems

"Hughes Elcan Optical Technologies"

Manufacturer of electro-optical and opto-mechanical systems and subsystems

"Hwa Tang Optical Industries Co., Ltd."

Manufacture cameras, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, acrylic rules, and lining testers

"IBSEN Micro Structures A/S"

Specialising in phase masks, calibration standards and diffractive optics

"II-VI Inc."

Designs, manufactures and markets optical and electro-optical components, devices and materials for precision use in infrared, near-infrared, visible-light and X-ray/gamma-ray instruments and applications

"ILX Lightwave Corporation"

Provides electro-optic instrumentation to the laser diode research community

"IMRA America, Inc."

Researches and develops lasers, optical receivers, photonics sensors and other devices for use in scientific research, telecommunications, advanced vehicles and automated highway systems

"Integrated Endoscopy, Inc."

Endoscopes, video microscopes, borescopes, micro optics, video inspection instruments, spherical lenses, windows, mirrors, optical assemblies, precision lens fabrication

"Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc."

Makers of digital confocal microscopy workstations and SlideBook 2D/3D image processing and microscope control software for MacOS and Windows '95

"International Light, Inc."

Light Measurement Instruments: light meters, radiometers, photometers, spectroradiometers, UV detectors

"INTOR Inc."

Manufacturer of thin film optical filters and integrated optical filter/silicon diode assemblies

"Janos Technology"

Designs and manufactures custom infrared optics, optical systems, and assemblies


Optical coating material manufacturer and world-wide supplier

"Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc."

Manufacturer of holographic optical filters, research, process and analytical spectroscopy instruments, microscopes, dispersive spectrographs and laser protection eyewear

"Keon Optics"

Expertise ranges from the Sapphire and Ruby family to the BBO and KDP hygroscopic materials

"Kestrel Corporation"

Specializing in multispectral and hyperspectral imaging systems/software for airborne remote sensing, and parallel non-invasive systems for biomedicine

"Klarmann Rulings, Inc."

Manufacturer of IMA reticles, Walton and Beckets, and other select glass reticle patterns

"Kreischer Optics, Ltd."

Optical components and systems


Manufacturer of microscopes, refractometers, spectroscopes, spectrophotometers, gemmological instruments

"LaCroix Optical Co."

Manufacturer of precision optical componets to customer specifications, including simple lenses, achromats, windows, wedges, prisms, and mirrors

"Lambda Research Corporation"

Publishes software for optical engineers and provides optical engineering services

"Lan Optics International"

Selected collection of the best Russian optics and military attributes, including microscopes, telescopes, night vision goggles, and scopes

"Laser Beam Products"

Manufactures mirrors for high powered lasers and CO2 laser cutters

"Latigo Optics"

Infrared and optical instrument, flir, microscope, and electro-optical medical device design; contract optical engineering; and marketing services

"Leiner Associates, Inc."

Services include design/development of optical equipment, endoscopes, and fiberoptics. Also provides testing and evaluation, consulting, and repairs

"Li Kwong Industrial Co."

Makers of plastic lenses, acrylic aspheric optical lenses, magnifiers, and illuminated magnifiers

"LightLab International"

Offers optics and radiometry services, including photometric and thermal tests. Products include instrumentation and software for the lighting industry


Professional engeneering in optical telecommunications components and laser optics

"Litton Airtron - Synoptics"

Source of high quality synthetic crystals for the laser and optics industries. Also offering optical assembly and test services

"Lixi, Inc."

Offers a range of x-ray devices for non-destructive testing and inspection and medical applications

"Luxel Corporation"

Supplies submicron filters for soft x-ray and EUV research and fabricates ultra-thin foils for use as bandpass filters for laboratory and space research

"Maier Photonics"

Specializes in the design and manufacturing of precision optical filters. Offers dielectric coatings in the UV-VIS-NIR range. Stock and custom items available

"McMahan Research Laboratories"

Developer and manufacturer of spectroradiometers, radiometers, photometers and electro-optic sensor systems with applications to scientific, commercial lighting and color measurement markets

"Meade Instruments Corporation Home Page"

Designer and distributor of telescopes and accessories for the beginning to serious amateur astronomers. The Company offers more than 40 different telescope models and more than 250 accesorry products

"Measurement and Inspection Technologies"

Video and laser based measurement solutions as well as optical comparators

"Melles Griot"

Designs, manufactures, and distributes lasers, optics, and advanced fiber products worldwide

"Mitsubishi Optoelectronics"

Supplier of optoelectronics and fiber optic components

"Molecular OptoElectronics"

Fiber optic devices and optical materials for the future of information management


Offers loupes and lights used for the detection of inclusions in gemstones

"Newport Corporation"

Manufactures and offers products for laboratory, university, OEM, industrial and manufacturing environments

"Newport Industrial Glass, Inc."

Products including telescope kits, glass art, optical material, optics, fabricated glass, quartz and others

"Nichols Research Corporation Home Page"

Professional services company focusing on the application of engineering principles and technology in four market areas: national security, government information technology (IT), commercial IT and healthcare IT

"Nitto Optical Co., Ltd."

Specializes in the manufacture of planar optical elements such as prisms and mirrors. Can make prototypes and do mass productions runs

"Numare Spectralab, Inc."

NMR service and analysis

"Oceanside Photo and Telescope"

Stocks telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, night vision equipment, cameras, and darkroom supplies

"OG System, Inc."

Offers an optical gauging system that measures surfaces for flatness

"OHARA Corporation"

Manufacturer of precision optical glass and supplier of lens blanks

"OKO Technologies"

manufacturer of precision multichannel Micromachined adaptive mirrors, which provide a unique possibility of fast wavefront control in modern optical systems


A world leader in the development and application of sophisticated optical technology

"Omega Optical"

Manufacturer of high precision optical filters for astronomy, microscopy, fluorescence and other high-demanding applications

"Opcon Associates"

Consulting optical designers specializing in zoom lenses and in the use of aspherical surfaces in glass and plastic lenses for imaging and non-imaging applications

"Optical Apparatus"

Precision optical instruments for science and industry: microscopes, photomicrography, video microscopy, and more

"Optical Cable Corporation Home Page"

Manufactures and markets a broad range of fiber optic cables for ``high bandwidth'' transmission of data, video and audio communications over moderate distances of up to ten miles

"Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc."

Manufacturer of optical thin film coated components used to manage light

"Optical Coating Technologies, Inc."

Specializing in dielectric, metallic, dichroic antireflection, beamsplitter, and hot mirrors, cold mirrors, and color filters. thin film software

"Optical Components, Inc."

Custom fabrication and coating supplier of precision optical components for uv, visible and infra-red in prototype and production quantities

"Optical Product Development, Inc."

Product development firm specializing in optical systems, lens design, and manufacturing of custom optics and lenses

"Optical Research Associates"

A world-leading supplier of optical engineering software and design services

"Optical Security Group, Inc. Home Page"

Together with its subsidiaries, provides imaging technology and optical coatings used in security, document authentication, product protection, and anti-tampering applications

"Optical Works Corporation"

Supplying turnkey lab systems

"Optimum Technologies, Inc."

Product development, engineering, and contract manufacturing company. Specializes in optical products for medical, laboratory, dental, drug discovery, and genomics markets. FDA registered medical device manufacturer.

"Pixel Interconnect"

Optical networking, flat panel displays and semiconductor packaging


Infrared laser optics. ZnSe laser grade crystals and products: lenses, reflectors, beam splitters, windows, brewster windows, beam combiners.

"Talktronics, Inc."

Design and manufacture of speech synthesizers for consumer, commercial, industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications

"Tecrys Ltd. is a manufacturer of nonlinear optical devices"

The nonlinear optical material portfolio include but not limited to Lithium Triborate (LBO), beta Barium Borate (BBO), \nCesium Lithium Borate (CLBO) and Potassium Tytanil Phosphate (KTP).

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