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"American Optometric Association"
Optometrists Are Required To Complete A Four-Year Post-Graduate Degree Program To Earn Their Doctor Of Optometry (O.D.) Titles. The Four-Year Program Includes Classroom And Clinical Training In Geometric, Physical, Physiological And Ophthalmic Optics, Ocular Anatomy, Ocular Disease, Ocular Myotology, Ocular Pharmacology, Neuroanatomy And Neurophysiology Of The Vision System, Color.

"NOAO Optics and Coatings Labs (NOCL)"

Responsible for the fabrication, assembly, testing, and support of the optical instrumentation, telescopes, and systems for the National Optical Astronomy Observatories

"Optikos Corporation"

Optical engineering, manufacturing, and measurement products and services

"Optima Precision Inc."

manufacturer of laser diode optics, laser diode components and assemblies. off-the-shelf products and custom designs

"Optimum Technologies, Inc."

Opto-mechanical and electro-optical instruments

"Optometrics USA, Inc."

manufactures optical components, diffraction gratings, ruled, replicated, holographic,interference filters, monochromators, and spectrophotometric systems for worldwide OEM and laboratory markets

"Optronic AB"

Specialists in non-contact measurements and wireless communication

"Optronic Laboratories"

Providing instrumentation, standards and services for the measurement of optical radiation

"Orion Telescope and Binocular Center"

Print and online catalog of telescopes binoculars, and accessories

"P.A. Clausing Inc."

Mirrors and optical coatings on substrates

"Photon, Inc."

scanning aperture instruments measuring beam widths of 0.3 micron to 20 millimeters, wavelengths from UV to IR

"Precision Detectors, Inc."

Designs and manufactures laser light scattering instruments for science and industry

"Precision Optics Corporation, Inc."

Advanced lens design, thin film coating design, and optical systems design ranging from prototypes to high-volume manufacturing

"Precision-Optical Engineering"

diamond machining of reflective & refractive surfaces. Manufacturing of interferometers and laser beam monitoring equipment

"Quantum Logic Corp"

Manufactures optical laser/microcomputer pyrometers used for temperature measurement

"Radiant Imaging"

Optical and illumination engineering design services, CCD light measurement systems, software, and light source caracterization files

"Ramar Corporation"

Ramar Corporation is a high tech corporation making optical modulators and gyroscopes

"RMT Ltd"

Manufacturing devices and components for Optoelectronics, IR and laser technique. Supplies thermoelectric coolers, photodiodes, light emitting diodes, optical materials

"Rochester Photonics Corporation - Rochester, NY"

Supplier of high performance, low price, light weight diffractive and conventional optical components and subsystems

"Rofin Australia"

Develops and markets specialist products, systems and analytical instruments based on optical technology, including forensic science instruments

"Schwartz Electro-Optics, Inc."

Involved in the development and manufacture of lasers and associated electro-optic devices

"Scitec Instruments Ltd"

Design and manufacture optical choppers and lock-in amplifiers


Sells ultraviolet spectroradiometers in a variety of forms


Manufactures optical metrologic systems, including high energy excimer lasers, high resolution monochromators, and spectroscopic ellipsometers for research and development


Supplier of optical and digital imaging products for science, education and industry

"Spindler & Hoyer, Inc."

Manufacturer of precision optics and optomechanics for the OEM and laboratory

"Spiricon, Inc."

Instruments for laser beam profile analysis, diagnostics, display and maximizing performance. computer with CCD and solid-state pyroelectric cameras, arrays, infrared, ultraviolet, visible

"Spot srl"

Systems for measuring optical quality of telescopes and optical elements and beam-diagnostics of lasers

"Structure Probe, Inc."

Preparation equipment and consumable supplies for electron and light microscope laboratories. Also, independent laboratory offering electron microscopy services

"Sycamore Glass Components"

Custom machined optical glass components. 94% and 97% reflective front surface mirror, anti-reflection coatings

"Sydor Optics"

Experienced optic firm

"System Specialists, Inc."

Design and manufacturing company for optical systems and associated electronics, infrared and cryogenic equipment

"Tech Optical Services"

Specializing in service and repair of microscopes and optical measuring equipment. We also sell used microscopes and new light bulbs

"Telcom Devices Corp."

Manufactures optoelectronic components, InGaAs detectors and emitters, for fiberoptic, CATV and instrumentation

"Tele Vue Optics"

Telescopes, eyepieces, accesories and more

"Telic OSTI, Inc."

Designs and builds optical systems and components for use in the UV visible and IR

"Thin Film Imaging Technologies"

Offers high performance optical filters. Products include bandpass, neutral density, and hot/cold mirrors

"Topcon Corporation"

Japanese producer of optical products

"Torus Precision Optics, Inc."

Manufacturer of large research-grade optics and complete telescope systems

"Tower Optical Corporation"

Manufacturer of waveplates, lenses, prisms, mirrors, polarizers, and UV microscope objectives

"U.S. Precision Lens"

Specialists in precision polymer optics

"UDT Instruments"

Light measurement instruments including photometers, colorimeters, radiometers, and position-sensing systems

"Value Instrument & Optical, Inc."

Design and sales of optical instruments

"Veco Custom Optics"

Leading manufacturer of precision laser optics and optical components

"Vermont Photonics, Inc."

Provides precision optical measuring equipment to science, industry, and defense

"VIBGYOR Optical Systems Corporation"

Manufacturer of optical components and assemblies for the commercial, military, and medical industries

"Vibration Engineering Consultants"

Providing Service to users of SEM and TEM Electron Microscopes and other Systems with Vibration, Electromagnetic Fields (EMF, EMI) or Acoustical disturbance problems

"VL Products, Inc."

Offers optical materials and finished components


Sensors and diffractive optics

"Wavelength Optics"

Optical engineering and manufacturing

"Wright Scientific"

Engineers and designs custom lens, instruments, and optical systems

"WYKO Corporation"

Innovators in optical surface measurement technology

"X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc."

Manufacturer of capaillary optics to collimate or focus x-rays and neutrons

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