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"AD2000, Inc."
Has a large collection of stock holograms ready for custom overprinting

"American Banknote Holographics, Inc."

Manufacturer of secure optically variable devices

"Australian Holographics"

Large format holograms in transmission and reflection

"CFC Northern Bank Note"

Manufacturer of security holograms and security printing to protect authentic producs and documents from being counterfeited

"Control Optics Corporation"

Stock and designed opticals, fiber optics, holographic systems, laser diodes, and related equipment

"Creath Optineering Consulting Services"

Optical engineering, instrument testing & design, interferometry, holographic NDT

"Easy Guide to Lasers"

Explanation of how lasers work, and the different types of lasers available

"Frank DeFreitas Holography Studio"

Learn about the science of lasers, holograms and optics. Visitors Center,Education Reference Library, Reading Room, Hologram Gallery, and Much More

"Holaxis Corporation"

Specializing in trade show holograms

"Holo-Source Corporation"

Holographic packaging and promotion

"Holographic Label Converting"

Offering design and manufacturer of holographic labels

"Holoverse, Inc."

Designs and manufactures digital beam holographic systems for stereoscopic 3D imaging without the use of active or passive glasses

"Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc."

Manufacturer of holographic optical filters, research, process and analytical spectroscopy instruments, microscopes, dispersive spectrographs and laser protection eyewear


Leader of optical systems research

"Laboratory of Stress Analysis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology"

Fiber optic sensors, interferometry(holography, speckle), stress analysis

"Laser ExPress Holograms"

Full projecting, fantastically three-dimensional holograms

"Lasersmith Inc."

Professional holographic imaging studio. mastering facilities: full color stereograms,2-D 3-D and full color 3-D. complete in house finishing and embossing

"Light Concepts"

Presents holographic art of people and animals

"Lightgate Ltd."

Manufactures display holograms up to 1 x 1 m, embossed holograms, and security holograms

"NEOS Technologies"

3D Volumetric Display

"New York Holographic Laboratories"

Fine art editions and classes in holography are available

"OKO Technologies"

manufacturer of precision multichannel Micromachined adaptive mirrors, which provide a unique possibility of fast wavefront control in modern optical systems

"Patent Law Offices, Philip D. Freedman PC"

Philip D. Freedman PC is an intellectual property law firm providing U.S. and International patent preparation and prosecution services in the laser and optic technologies.

"Transfer Print Foils, Inc."

Mass producers of micro-embossed holography

"University of Warwick Optical Engineering Laboratory"

Producing some ground breaking results from Particle Image Velocimetry

"Virtual Image"

Holographic images on thin film substrates. These films can be incorporated into packaging or point of purchase materials, either flexible or rigid

"Zebra Imaging"

Full-color, full-parallax holograms unlimited in size. An effective medium for 3D visual communications

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