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"Antioch Systems"
Technical design consulting in all areas of optical systems

"Association of Industrial Laser Users(AILU)"

Assists engenners and others using lasers in manifacturing industry by providing technical, product and service information

"Australian Holographics"

Large format holograms in transmission and reflection

"Biomedical Photometrics Inc."

new confocal scanning laser Microscope/macroscope for imaging of specimens from 25 x 25 microns to 7.5 x 7.5 cm in size using reflected light and fluorescence

"Bright Tunable Vacuum Ultraviolet light"

Discusses maximum entropy and bayesian probability theory and other research topics

"CVI Laser Corporation"

Laser optics, coatings, filters, mounts, instruments

"Discount Eyewear and Sunglasses"

All about optics

"Ealing Electro-Optics"

Manufactures and sells optical components, mechanical components and accessories for use in university, industrial and research laboratories

"Electro-Optics Technology, Inc."

Specialized in laser manufactored and in optical research

"Elliot Scientific Ltd."

Offers products relating to lasers, optics and mounting components, and scientific instruments

"EXFO Online"

Electro-optical engineering

"FAQ - Sam's Laser FAQ"

Practical guide to lasers for experimenters and hobbyists offers safety information, and links to parts and construction

"GAM Laser, Inc."

Manufactures excimer and fluorine lasers for industrial, medical, and scientific applications

"Geltech, Inc."

Advanced optical components

"Heraeus Amersil"

Suppliers of silica glass and fused quartz products for optics, semiconductor, lamp, and fiber optics industries

"High Power Diode Laser"

AdTech Photonics is a volume manufacturer of MOCVD grown laser chips and laser diodes for commercial, industrial as well as R&D applications. Our company is facilitated with the complete manufacturing line of laser diode including MOCVD epitaxial wafer growth, laser chip fabrication and laser diode device packaging. We offer a variety of standard high power semiconductor laser diode products together with custom products designed to fit the specific needs of our customers. We also provide foundry services for semiconductor device R&D and manufacturing.

"II-VI Inc."

Designs, manufactures and markets optical and electro-optical components, devices and materials for precision use in infrared, near-infrared, visible-light and X-ray/gamma-ray instruments and applications

"IMRA America, Inc."

Researches and develops lasers, optical receivers, photonics sensors and other devices for use in scientific research, telecommunications, advanced vehicles and automated highway systems

"International Light, Inc."

Light Measurement Instruments: light meters, radiometers, photometers, spectroradiometers, UV detectors

"Keon Optics"

Expertise ranges from the Sapphire and Ruby family to the BBO and KDP hygroscopic materials

"LaCroix Optical Co."

Manufacturer of precision optical componets to customer specifications, including simple lenses, achromats, windows, wedges, prisms, and mirrors

"Laser Beam Products"

Manufactures mirrors for high powered lasers and CO2 laser cutters

"Laser Focus World"

A monthly magazine, provides comprehensive global coverage of electro-optics technologies, applications, and markets

"Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Laser Programs"

Research in inertial confinement fusion, quantum electronics, laser-matter interactions, and materials processing. Also, signal and image processing, advanced lithography

"Lawrence Livermore National Medical Photonics Laboratory"

Medical device research

"Leader in Small Hole Technology"

We drill holes down to a micron: we have set screws,vcr gaskets, orifices calibrated to flow


Professional engeneering in optical telecommunications components and laser optics

"Litton Airtron - Synoptics"

Source of high quality synthetic crystals for the laser and optics industries. Also offering optical assembly and test services

"Luxel Corporation"

Supplies submicron filters for soft x-ray and EUV research and fabricates ultra-thin foils for use as bandpass filters for laboratory and space research

"Measurement and Inspection Technologies"

Video and laser based measurement solutions as well as optical comparators

"Melles Griot"

Designs, manufactures, and distributes lasers, optics, and advanced fiber products worldwide

"Newport Corporation"

Manufactures and offers products for laboratory, university, OEM, industrial and manufacturing environments

"Optikos Corporation"

Optical engineering, manufacturing, and measurement products and services

"Optima Precision Inc."

manufacturer of laser diode optics, laser diode components and assemblies. off-the-shelf products and custom designs

"Optometrics USA, Inc."

manufactures optical components, diffraction gratings, ruled, replicated, holographic,interference filters, monochromators, and spectrophotometric systems for worldwide OEM and laboratory markets

"Point Source"

Point Source custom design and manufacture a range of fiber-coupled laser diode and singlemode fiber delivery systems for the Industrial Metrology, Semiconductor and Biomedical Industries.

"Precision-Optical Engineering"

diamond machining of reflective & refractive surfaces. Manufacturing of interferometers and laser beam monitoring equipment

"Professional Visioncare Associates"

Drs. Morton Greenspoon, Richard Silver, Stacey Sumner, provide visioncare and special effect contact lenses to the motion picture and television industries

"Quantum Logic Corp"

Manufactures optical laser/microcomputer pyrometers used for temperature measurement

"Scientific American: Laser Scissors and Tweezers"

Researchers are using lasers to grasp single cells and tinier components in vises of light while delicately altering the held structures. These lasers offer new ways to investigate and manipulate cells


Manufactures optical metrologic systems, including high energy excimer lasers, high resolution monochromators, and spectroscopic ellipsometers for research and development

"Stein Optical Online"

A convenient way to find out more about Stein Optical and it's services

"Thin Film Imaging Technologies"

Offers high performance optical filters. Products include bandpass, neutral density, and hot/cold mirrors

"WYKO Corporation"

Innovators in optical surface measurement technology

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