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magazine covering fashion in eyewear, and the latest trends and technology in the optical industry.

"3Dlens.com - Fresnel lens, Polarizer"

Buy fresnel lens, polarizer, infrared fresnel lens, OHP fresnel lens at low wholesale price

"A-Z Microscope"

Sales and service of microscope, video, photo, and computer interface attachments

"Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc."

Manufacturer of fast framing cameras, motion capture systems, and micro-optics

"Adirondack Video Astronomy"

Offers CCD imaging products and accessories including the ASTROVID and Starlight Xpress CCD Cameras and more


See the world through the eyes of a honey bee

"Color Vision Technologies Ltd."

eye glasses for color blindness or color deficient.

"Computer Optics Inc."

Manufactures and designs optics for machine vision, zoom lenses and telecentric lenses

"Corning Optical Products"

Making glass and plastic ophthalmic lens materials


manufactures Ultra-One and other optical lenses.

"Discount Eyewear and Sunglasses"

All about optics

"Dongwon Precision Co., Ltd."

Manufacturers of microscopes, binoculars, D.R.D cans, and visual presentation projectors

"Donnelly Optics Corporation"

Designs, develops and manufactures plastic optical systems for digital imaging, PC peripherals, cameras, automotive lighting, medical equipment, and other applications

"Eastman Kodak Commercial and Government Systems"

Produces mirrors, optical systems, and camera payloads for remote sensing astronomy, space imaging, and optical systems

"Edmund Scientific"

Manufacturer and supplier of optical components that include lenses, prisms, mirrors, fiber optics, filters, lasers, machine vision, telescopes, microscopes, magnifiers and binoculars

"Elliot Scientific Ltd."

Offers products relating to lasers, optics and mounting components, and scientific instruments

"Eye Site of Arnold Eye Center, The"

provide vision information for the consumer and eyecare professionals, includes animated demo of cataracts and the digital postcard.

"Eyewear Zone"

supplies optical products, specializing in eyewear.

"First Insight Corp"

Total software answer for eye-care providers

"For Eyes"

national retail optical company with over 120 stores nationwide.

"Icare Industries, Inc"

wholesale manufacturer and distributor of prescription eyewear and optical related products.

"II-VI Inc."

Designs, manufactures and markets optical and electro-optical components, devices and materials for precision use in infrared, near-infrared, visible-light and X-ray/gamma-ray instruments and applications

"Il Diaframma"

Specialized company of astronomical products and optical components and more....

"Irish Eyes Eyewear"

offers a variety of fashionable frames.


Reseller of new, used and refurbished microscopes, lenses, stages, and more

"Lan Optics International"

Selected collection of the best Russian optics and military attributes, including microscopes, telescopes, night vision goggles, and scopes


free eyecare reminder service and online eye exam, fashion frames and contact lenses.

"Maier Photonics"

Specializes in the design and manufacturing of precision optical filters. Offers dielectric coatings in the UV-VIS-NIR range. Stock and custom items available

"McMahan Research Laboratories"

Developer and manufacturer of spectroradiometers, radiometers, photometers and electro-optic sensor systems with applications to scientific, commercial lighting and color measurement markets

"Meade Instruments Corporation Home Page"

Designer and distributor of telescopes and accessories for the beginning to serious amateur astronomers. The Company offers more than 40 different telescope models and more than 250 accesorry products

"Mel Sobel Microscopes Ltd."

An importer and factory distributor of microscopes. Visit the premier online source of microscopes for virtually any application

"Newport Industrial Glass, Inc."

Products including telescope kits, glass art, optical material, optics, fabricated glass, quartz and others

"NOVA: Night Creatures of the Kalahari"

Eyes that can see in the dark, the animals that use them, and the scientists who study nocturnal or burrowing animals (and their tools)

"Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant"

Russian manufacturer of military and civilian optics: telescopes, binoculars, sights, night vision devices and accessories.

"Oceanside Photo and Telescope"

Stocks telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, night vision equipment, cameras, and darkroom supplies


A world leader in the development and application of sophisticated optical technology

"Opcon Associates"

Consulting optical designers specializing in zoom lenses and in the use of aspherical surfaces in glass and plastic lenses for imaging and non-imaging applications

"Optical Apparatus"

Precision optical instruments for science and industry: microscopes, photomicrography, video microscopy, and more

"Optical Coating Technologies, Inc."

Specializing in dielectric, metallic, dichroic antireflection, beamsplitter, and hot mirrors, cold mirrors, and color filters. thin film software

"Optical Product Development, Inc."

Product development firm specializing in optical systems, lens design, and manufacturing of custom optics and lenses

"Optikos Corporation"

Optical engineering, manufacturing, and measurement products and services

"Optima Inc."

discover benefits of new lens technology unknown to most wearers.

"Optronic Laboratories"

Providing instrumentation, standards and services for the measurement of optical radiation

"Orion Telescope and Binocular Center"

Print and online catalog of telescopes binoculars, and accessories

"Phantom Research Labratories, Inc"

offering optical lab supplies and equipment.

"Prescott's Inc."

Offers new and re-conditioned surgical microscopes and accessories

"Retina Reference"

Includes neurons, synapses, structures of the eye, and diagrams

"Southern Micro Instruments"

Offering service for microscopes, optical comparators, and other video equipment


Supplier of optical and digital imaging products for science, education and industry

"Spot srl"

Systems for measuring optical quality of telescopes and optical elements and beam-diagnostics of lasers

"Sycamore Glass Components"

Custom machined optical glass components. 94% and 97% reflective front surface mirror, anti-reflection coatings

"Talktronics, Inc."

Design and manufacture of speech synthesizers for consumer, commercial, industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications

"Tele Vue Optics"

Telescopes, eyepieces, accesories and more

"Telic OSTI, Inc."

Designs and builds optical systems and components for use in the UV visible and IR

"Titan Tool Supply Co. Inc."

Distributer of microscopes, borescopes, diamond and CBN products and hand deburring products

"U.S. Precision Lens"

Specialists in precision polymer optics

"UDT Instruments"

Light measurement instruments including photometers, colorimeters, radiometers, and position-sensing systems

"Value Instrument & Optical, Inc."

Design and sales of optical instruments


a resource center for both professionals and consumers that focuses on presbyopia and the general health of the human eye.

"Vision Science"

Contains a resource for research in human and animal vision


A dictionary for the study of human and animal vision, including terms from biological and machine vision, visual psychophysics, visual neuroscience, and other related fields


for night-shortsightedness.

"Volunteer Optical"

a wholesale supplier of optical/eyewear products.

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