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"A&O System Inc."
A point-of-sales software program for optical dispensers

"AdvanSys Tecnology"

Practice managment software for optometrists

"Alpha Bytes, Inc."

Provides software for vision care service providers

"Antioch Systems"

Technical design consulting in all areas of optical systems

"Benchmark Technologies, Inc."

designs and provides lithographic test Reticles for the semiconductor industry. We also provide customized services related to reticle design and manufacture

"California Management System Inc."

Software program for opticians

"CFC Northern Bank Note"

Manufacturer of security holograms and security printing to protect authentic producs and documents from being counterfeited

"Contour Metrological & Manufacturing, Inc."

Designs and manufactures ultra-precision optical components. Diamond turning, aspheric, non-rotational optic grinding, optical molds

"Eastman Kodak Commercial and Government Systems"

Produces mirrors, optical systems, and camera payloads for remote sensing astronomy, space imaging, and optical systems

"EXFO Online"

Electro-optical engineering

"Eye Word"

Vision therapy software developed by optometrists to fight against unpleasant symtoms


Windows-based optometric pratice management software

"Filopto Optometrist Software"

Offers practice management software package

"First Insight Corp"

Total software answer for eye-care providers

"Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc."

Makers of digital confocal microscopy workstations and SlideBook 2D/3D image processing and microscope control software for MacOS and Windows '95

"Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc."

Manufacturer of holographic optical filters, research, process and analytical spectroscopy instruments, microscopes, dispersive spectrographs and laser protection eyewear

"Kestrel Corporation"

Specializing in multispectral and hyperspectral imaging systems/software for airborne remote sensing, and parallel non-invasive systems for biomedicine


Manufacturer of microscopes, refractometers, spectroscopes, spectrophotometers, gemmological instruments

"LightLab International"

Offers optics and radiometry services, including photometric and thermal tests. Products include instrumentation and software for the lighting industry

"M2 Associates"

Offering refurbished metallurgical and stereo zoom microscopes as well as semiconductor manufacturing equipment

"McMahan Research Laboratories"

Developer and manufacturer of spectroradiometers, radiometers, photometers and electro-optic sensor systems with applications to scientific, commercial lighting and color measurement markets

"Meade Instruments Corporation Home Page"

Designer and distributor of telescopes and accessories for the beginning to serious amateur astronomers. The Company offers more than 40 different telescope models and more than 250 accesorry products

"MFS Computing Inc."

Software for optometrists

"Molecular Vision"

Dedicated to the dissemination of research results in molecular and cell biology and genetics of the visual system

"NEOS Technologies"

3D Volumetric Display

"OKO Technologies"

manufacturer of precision multichannel Micromachined adaptive mirrors, which provide a unique possibility of fast wavefront control in modern optical systems


A world leader in the development and application of sophisticated optical technology

"Opcon Associates"

Consulting optical designers specializing in zoom lenses and in the use of aspherical surfaces in glass and plastic lenses for imaging and non-imaging applications

"Optical Online"

Specialized software company that only services the computer software requirements of the optical industry

"Optical Product Development, Inc."

Product development firm specializing in optical systems, lens design, and manufacturing of custom optics and lenses

"Optical Research Associates"

A world-leading supplier of optical engineering software and design services

"Optical Works Corporation"

Supplying turnkey lab systems

"Optimeyes MBA"

Practice and business management software package for optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists

"Optimum Technologies, Inc."

Opto-mechanical and electro-optical instruments

"Optometrics USA, Inc."

manufactures optical components, diffraction gratings, ruled, replicated, holographic,interference filters, monochromators, and spectrophotometric systems for worldwide OEM and laboratory markets

"Orion Telescope and Binocular Center"

Print and online catalog of telescopes binoculars, and accessories

"Photon, Inc."

scanning aperture instruments measuring beam widths of 0.3 micron to 20 millimeters, wavelengths from UV to IR

"Quality Micro Systems - Charlotte, NC"

QMS is a provider of control instrumentation for industry

"Quantum Logic Corp"

Manufactures optical laser/microcomputer pyrometers used for temperature measurement

"Radiant Imaging"

Optical and illumination engineering design services, CCD light measurement systems, software, and light source caracterization files

"Rofin Australia"

Develops and markets specialist products, systems and analytical instruments based on optical technology, including forensic science instruments

"Spot srl"

Systems for measuring optical quality of telescopes and optical elements and beam-diagnostics of lasers

"Talktronics, Inc."

Design and manufacture of speech synthesizers for consumer, commercial, industrial, automotive, and aerospace applications

"Telic OSTI, Inc."

Designs and builds optical systems and components for use in the UV visible and IR

"Value Instrument & Optical, Inc."

Design and sales of optical instruments

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