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"Counter-Rotating Spirals Illusion"
Specialized in creating optical-illusions

"Exploratorium Learning Studio On-Line Exhibits"

Illusions teaching concepts of color and vision

"Eye Word"

Vision therapy software developed by optometrists to fight against unpleasant symtoms

"Grand Illusions"

Optical illusions, scientific toys, visual effects, and even a little magic

"Illusion Works"

Exampples and explanation of pictographic, stereographic, and 3D distortion, as well as color/contrast effects

"Illusions Central Station"

From a temporary exhibit at Heureka

"Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc."

Makers of digital confocal microscopy workstations and SlideBook 2D/3D image processing and microscope control software for MacOS and Windows '95

"Interdisciplinary Illusions"

Magical illusions in art, literature, music, mathematics, social science, and virtual reality

"Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book"

Specialized in optical illusions

"Kestrel Corporation"

Specializing in multispectral and hyperspectral imaging systems/software for airborne remote sensing, and parallel non-invasive systems for biomedicine

"M.C. Escher & Optical Illusions"

Collection of images by M.C. Escher, as well as other optical illusions and tesselations

"Optical Illusions"

A gallery of various illusions

"Perception, Illusions, and Their Neuronal Correlates"

HUNDREDS OF ILLUSIONS! Our Illusion Site is growing fast and has quickly become the largest collection of illusions on the internet


An online collection of colorful optical illusions without a lot of 'deep' science. Includes many interactive demonstrations, science projects, art, books, games, puzzles and more

"Scitec Instruments Ltd"

Design and manufacture optical choppers and lock-in amplifiers

"University of Illinois - Photonic System Group"

Studies the ultrafast dynamics of optical fields and of field matter interactions

"World of Escher"

Famous Dutch graphic artists: geometric tilings, spatial illusions, essays and stories

"Wright Scientific"

Engineers and designs custom lens, instruments, and optical systems

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