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Focuses on the interaction of electromagnetic fields with materials and devices of use in microwave and optical systems and applications

"Galileo Corporation Home Page"

Develops, manufactures and markets fiberoptic and electro-optic products which transmit, sense or intensify light or images


Leader of optical systems research

"Laboratory of Stress Analysis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology"

Fiber optic sensors, interferometry(holography, speckle), stress analysis

"Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Research Laboratory of Electronics"

One major thrust is centered on electronics and optics, and the other is centered on language, speech, and hearing

"NOAO Optics and Coatings Labs (NOCL)"

Responsible for the fabrication, assembly, testing, and support of the optical instrumentation, telescopes, and systems for the National Optical Astronomy Observatories

"Opticoat Associates Inc."

Manufacturing and design engineering of custom thin film optical coatings, stock mirror and beamsplitters, infrared low emissivity material

"OptiComp Corporation"

Designing and fabricating digital optoelectronic devices for high speed switching and data processing application

"SUNY Albany Center for X-Ray Optics (CXO)"

Uses x-ray beam lines to test and employ X-ray capillary optics

"University of Warwick Optical Engineering Laboratory"

Producing some ground breaking results from Particle Image Velocimetry

"Visual Eyewear"

wholesaler of eyeglass cases, frames, optical supplies, and visual aids.

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