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"Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc."
Manufacturer of fast framing cameras, motion capture systems, and micro-optics

"Andover Corporation Optical Filters"

Manufacturer of optical filters and coatings, specializing in image quality and ultra-narrowband filters

"Applied Optoelectronics, Inc."

Research, development, and manufacture of opto-electronic devices, and semiconductor integrated circuits

"Barr Associates"

Optical filter technology

"Computer Optics Inc."

Manufactures and designs optics for machine vision, zoom lenses and telecentric lenses

"Contact Lentilles"

Opticians offering mail-order contact lenses


Manufacturer of optical interference bandpass filters

"Corning Optical Products"

Making glass and plastic ophthalmic lens materials

"CVI Laser Corporation"

Laser optics, coatings, filters, mounts, instruments

"Dakota Smith"

manufactorerof eyewear

"Digital Instruments"

Sanning probe microscopy, atomic force microscopes (AFMs), scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs), and more

"Donnelly Optics Corporation"

Designs, develops and manufactures plastic optical systems for digital imaging, PC peripherals, cameras, automotive lighting, medical equipment, and other applications

"Dr. Tavel One Hour Optical"

retailing eye care provider.

"Essex Corporation Home Page"

Provides professional engineering and scientific services to support defense, space and energy programs. ESEX is developing proprietary optoelectronic processors for the commercial market

"EXFO Online"

Electro-optical engineering

"Eye Word"

Vision therapy software developed by optometrists to fight against unpleasant symtoms

"Eyeglass Factory"

has stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

"Galileo Corporation Home Page"

Develops, manufactures and markets fiberoptic and electro-optic products which transmit, sense or intensify light or images

"Hughes Elcan Optical Technologies"

Manufacturer of electro-optical and opto-mechanical systems and subsystems

"Icare Industries, Inc"

wholesale manufacturer and distributor of prescription eyewear and optical related products.

"Ideas Optical Group Inc."

distributor of "Chiaro and Scuro" eyewear and sunwear.

"II-VI Inc."

Designs, manufactures and markets optical and electro-optical components, devices and materials for precision use in infrared, near-infrared, visible-light and X-ray/gamma-ray instruments and applications

"ILX Lightwave Corporation"

Provides electro-optic instrumentation to the laser diode research community

"Intelligent Imaging Innovations, Inc."

Makers of digital confocal microscopy workstations and SlideBook 2D/3D image processing and microscope control software for MacOS and Windows '95

"Janos Technology"

Designs and manufactures custom infrared optics, optical systems, and assemblies

"Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Laser Programs"

Research in inertial confinement fusion, quantum electronics, laser-matter interactions, and materials processing. Also, signal and image processing, advanced lithography

"Molecular Imaging"

Scanning Probe Microscopes (AFMs & STMs) for special conditions. EC, liquid, environment, and temperature control

"NEOS Technologies"

3D Volumetric Display

"Newport Corporation"

Manufactures and offers products for laboratory, university, OEM, industrial and manufacturing environments

"Nichols Research Corporation Home Page"

Professional services company focusing on the application of engineering principles and technology in four market areas: national security, government information technology (IT), commercial IT and healthcare IT

"OG System, Inc."

Offers an optical gauging system that measures surfaces for flatness

"Optical Cable Corporation Home Page"

Manufactures and markets a broad range of fiber optic cables for ``high bandwidth'' transmission of data, video and audio communications over moderate distances of up to ten miles

"Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc."

Manufacturer of optical thin film coated components used to manage light

"Optical Research Associates"

A world-leading supplier of optical engineering software and design services

"Optical Research Associates"

A world-leading supplier of optical engineering software and design services

"Opticoat Associates Inc."

Manufacturing and design engineering of custom thin film optical coatings, stock mirror and beamsplitters, infrared low emissivity material

"Orion Telescope and Binocular Center"

Print and online catalog of telescopes binoculars, and accessories

"Photon, Inc."

scanning aperture instruments measuring beam widths of 0.3 micron to 20 millimeters, wavelengths from UV to IR

"Photonics Spectra"

Coverage of optics, lasers, fiber optics, elecro-optics, imaging, and optical computing

"Precision Detectors, Inc."

Designs and manufactures laser light scattering instruments for science and industry

"Precision Optics Corporation, Inc."

Advanced lens design, thin film coating design, and optical systems design ranging from prototypes to high-volume manufacturing

"Radiant Imaging"

Optical and illumination engineering design services, CCD light measurement systems, software, and light source caracterization files

"Schwartz Electro-Optics, Inc."

Involved in the development and manufacture of lasers and associated electro-optic devices

"Scope City"

Binoculars, telescopes, eyepieces


Changing the way people see the world and themselves


Manufactures optical metrologic systems, including high energy excimer lasers, high resolution monochromators, and spectroscopic ellipsometers for research and development


Provides a variety of tecnologies to enable the realistic viewing of three dimentional computer graphics and video images

"Structure Probe, Inc."

Preparation equipment and consumable supplies for electron and light microscope laboratories. Also, independent laboratory offering electron microscopy services

"Telic OSTI, Inc."

Designs and builds optical systems and components for use in the UV visible and IR

"Torus Precision Optics, Inc."

Manufacturer of large research-grade optics and complete telescope systems

"U.S. Precision Lens"

Specialists in precision polymer optics

"Visual Eyewear"

wholesaler of eyeglass cases, frames, optical supplies, and visual aids.

"Zebra Imaging"

Full-color, full-parallax holograms unlimited in size. An effective medium for 3D visual communications

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